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Clint Charles Fryer was born on Dec 22, 1969 in Guelph, Ontario, but he spent most of his childhood on the outskirts of a small town called Belwood in Ontario, with his parents and his brother Cal, Clint graduated at C.W.D.H.S.

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A book with two mythical winged dragons on a space-like background on the cover entitled 'Rebirth of the Dark Ones' by author Clint Charles Fryer


By Clint Charles Fryer

Centuries ago .....

Deep within the heart of time and space in a world called Alexandria, Ancient scrolls were found by archaeologist and translated by the smartest minds of their time. The scrolls spoke of a legendary society called "The Guardians."

The Guardians were said to possess pure mystical magic and were very powerful. The Guardians would travel throughout time and eliminate the forces of evil that would stand in the way of all that was known to be good. In time the people slowly began to call them "The Dark Ones" because of the dark cloaks they wore. The ancient scrolls also spoke of how The Dark Ones evolved and became extinct. Centuries later a young farm boy named "Foo" set out on a dangerous quest to save his true love, and changed his destiny. This is a story taken from within the ancient scrolls of how..The Dark Ones became reborn...

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